Wir Schaffen Das... Wir Schaffen Es (Act I & II) (excerpt) 1:00 of 2:38 & 2:16, 2017

            Wir Schaffen Das… Wir Schaffen Es is a single channel stop-motion animation of two people in love amidst a microcosm shaped by the fear and moral confusion facing Europe today. Staged in a German airport, the animation employs the choreography and tropes of ballet to interpret the incommensurable treatment received by a married couple as they navigate German security checkpoints. The characters are stripped and shaved, both vulnerable and anonymous and ultimately are alienated by the world which they shape. Wir Schaffen Das… Wir Schaffen Es illuminates how the couple’s oneness is placed in stark contrast to the apparent racial categorization, profiling, and security theatre utilized by the airport staff and police.

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Wir Schaffen Das... Wir Schaffen Es
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