Gorgon Stare (excerpt) 0:42 of 7:02, 2016

            Gorgon Stare gazes into the flickering shifts between “reality” and its perceived virtual counterpart while hopelessly remaining obscured by the precession of simulacra. The nine screens of Gorgon Stare expand the scale of discourse around ideological clashes and their icons of terror, by shrinking geographic, ideological, reality state, and durational barriers. The keystone of Gorgon Stare is the analysis into the quest for invulnerability in the post-mutually insured destruction era.

       The title, Gorgon Stare, hijacks the name given by The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) to its nine camera video capturing technology, a technology utilized for wide-area persistent surveillance by United States Air Force’s MQ-9 Reaper drone. Gorgon Stare alters this gaze to not only to look out, but also reflexively and inwardly. The ancestry of Gorgon Stare extends beyond DARPA’s surveillance technology to its dreadful origins in Greek mythology. While the mythological Gorgons and the stare of the MQ-9 Reaper share their lethal eyes, Gorgon Stare does not focus on the process of death, instead the Gorgon Stare sets its sights on projections of power.

       The projection of power is driven by its icons of terror. The icons of terror are divided into two categories, the drone and the improvised explosive device (IED). Gorgon Stare illuminates the qualities of these icons and their shared ability to separate results from their processes while simultaneously downloading their virtual selves into minds as fear. The icons of terror reside in the physical realm and dominate in the virtual realm.

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