Marching Dream (excerpts) 1:00 of 5:00, 2016

            Marching Dream is a five-minute stop-motion animation semi-narrative that reflects on the contemporary geopolitical climate while simultaneously looking back on historical atrocities. The animation is framed by books, both canonical and contentious, which respond to and expand the narratives that unfold before them. The animation takes the form of a funeral procession / death-march / death-fugue that is periodically interrupted by brutality. Marching Dream was created following a 2016 stay in Munich where one can experience the European epicenter of political activism relating to immigration and refugees and simultaneously visit significant ruins of the “Third Reich,” including the concentration camps in neighbouring Dachau. Marching Dream connects these events, not as a means of comparison or causal link, but instead, as an acknowledgment of the relentless grasp of history on the present. The two elements become tangibly linked through the development of the UN and more specifically the UNHCR, a thread which is explored in the animation.

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Marching Dream
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