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            The Utopian Fragment (The Red under the Gold) project critically analyzes and revises contemporary Canadian legislation, oaths, icons, and anthems.

The Utopian Fragment (The Red under the Gold) is conceived from the question, “why do we still use legislation, oaths, and anthems which are overtly inconsistent with Canadian contemporary interests?” The project alludes to three possibilities: We as Canadians privilege our history above our present and future, Canadians do not believe that the words hold any true power or influence on contemporary life, or that Canadians have not evolved socially as much as they would like to lead on.

The Utopian Fragment (The Red under the Gold) is a cultural project. This work is emerging from a culture which confuses apathy for happiness, criticality for anger, militarism for nationalism, and religiosity for morality. Contrary to this Canadian contemporary cultural stance, Utopian Fragment (The Red under the Gold) illustrates that being critical of one’s country is a pure enactment of nationalism. While it is never addressed, Canada does have a unifying culture which brings together the elements of its mosaic. The Utopian Fragment (The Red under the Gold) calls to reform this culture by delving into the legislative and symbolic elements that comprise it.

Utilizing humour, parody, and play, The Utopian Fragment (The Red under the Gold) relentlessly strikes down and edits legislation to reform our laws to conform to our contemporary self-aggrandizing stereotype. If Canadians want to be known as kind, inclusive, secular people, then we must challenge

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